Choosing a label manufacturer for your custom labels is a big decision to make. Picking the wrong label manufacturing company could not only cost you mass amounts of money but could also cause your sales to drop.

Your product’s labeling is an instrumental aspect of the product. A label can be used to provide nutritional information, directions, or even hazard warnings. In fact, a survey showed that 55% of respondents “often” check a product’s labeling to get a basic idea of the food’s nutritional content.

With labels being an important factor in the purchasing process consumers go through, it’s important your label is printed correctly with high-quality images and words. When choosing a company to manufacture and print your high quality commercial labels, it’s important to consider a few key factors.

This article takes a look at some of the factors you should consider and why they’re crucial to the quality of your labels.

Variety of Options

Label manufacturers offer a variety of materials, sizes, inks, and cuts. It’s important that you choose a label printing company that offers the options you want for your labels. With more options to choose from, you’ll have an easier time making sure your labels are just the way you want them.


Not all label manufacturers and converters are created equal.  The ability for any custom label manufacturer to deliver the right solution for your project relies on their production capabilities.  Some examples of capabilities you may look for in a top-notch label manufacturer are:

  • 14 color print capability
  • Inline adhesive coating
  • Inline folding for booklet style labels
  • In house pre-press department
  • Multi-plant capabilities
  • 100% pharmaceutical inspection

Ensuring your label manufacturing company possesses the right labeling and converting capabilities for your project will save you lots of wasted time and money.


Choosing a company with plenty of experience is especially important if you’re new at making labels. An experienced label company will be able to recommend materials for your labels based on the heat and light exposure your product will undergo as well as what kind of material the label will be placed on. Additionally, they will also be able to solve any issues quickly and efficiently and ensure the finished product comes out perfectly.

Customer Service

A good label company should be with you every step of the way, from start to finish. This means that they should walk you through the entire label-making process, so you’re aware of how your idea is going to become a label design and then finally a finished product. It’s also important to find a company who will ensure you’re pleased with your final product and make sure delivery dates are met. If you’re going to be working with a label printing company, you’re going to want a company that provides friendly help when needed.

The label company you choose should be one that puts customer needs first. The label on a product could influence a consumer to purchase it or steer away from it, so it’s important to find a company that cares about your labels as much as you do.