To help your company stand out against growing competition, you need to have the right branding strategy. Once you develop a logo, snappy tagline, and general branding scheme, it’s time to present your product to potential customers. And this all starts with finding the right packaging and labeling solutions that go beyond simply printing adhesive labels.

Fortunately, today’s label design has seemingly unlimited potential, which has prompted businesses to get more creative than ever. From expanded content booklets to multi-language labels, there are many options to choose from. And of all of the packaging trends that have emerged recently, interactive commercial labels are some of the most effective. By offering your customers more than just a visual experience, you can help your product stand out on the shelves.

Tips For Making Your Packaging More Interactive

The following are some ways that you can take your package labeling to the next level, making the labels themselves more useful and fun for your customers. Remember, great commercial labels often engage more than one of the five senses. Here are some particularly effective options:

Scented Labels

Adding a scratch-and-sniff aspect to your label is a classic way to boost customer interaction. Scented labels can be especially effective if you sell laundry detergent, air fresheners, nutraceuticals, or beauty products.


There are plenty of ways to get creative with color. Of course, some label designers get too creative with colors, which is why you should limit your design to two or three colors at most. You may also consider more advanced features like color changing labels that shift with heat. For a more simple option, florescent colors can be effective when used well.


Studies have shown that adhering an instant redeemable package right to the front of a product is one of the most surefire ways to attract attention on busy store shelves.  Besides visually differentiating your product, the instant redemption capability and tactile interaction provided by on-pack instant redeemable coupons provides a psychological satisfaction that consistently drives sales.


Food companies can offer meal solutions to their customers with creative recipes right on the packaging. Change the recipe periodically to allow your loyal customers to try out multiple ideas.

Custom Booklet Labels

By incorporating booklet labels into your packaging, customers can unfold the book and learn extra information about your product. You may even consider including coupons in these interactive fold outs. A recent survey found that 75% of customers said if they can’t find product information in the store, they will look it up online. Booklets and other forms of expanded content labels can make all of the information available at time of purchase.


Some subtle texture can be effective in drawing a customers attention. For example, foil features on a container can give a buyer a tactile experience while examining your product. This could make it stand out more than the competition on the shelf.


By making your packaging more interactive, you can increase brand recognition and brand loyalty. And it all starts with making your product stand out on the shelf. It is important to ensure you are working with packaging and labeling companies that can not only handle printing adhesive labels but have the turnkey design and production capabilities to produce creative and interactive product labels to make your merchandise shine.