labels for your businessAlthough it’s only November, it’s never too early to start planning ahead to next year — particularly if you’re in the market for new labels for your business‘s cosmetic and personal products. We may not yet know what 2019 has in store, but we do have some idea of which consumer trends are likely to continue. In order to prioritize unique labels that appeal to customers, you’ll want to take note of these preferences and emerging crazes.


Green and Clean Packaging

While some beauty brands still embrace packaging that’s over-the-top in feel, it’s important to note that many customers are veering in a more minimalist direction. More than ever, consumers want to see recycled packaging, sustainable product decisions, and clean labeling. Surveys have found that 65% of shoppers spend less than a minute using their smartphones to research products they find in stores before making their final purchase decisions, which means that it literally pays to have important information displayed clearly and in an attractive way. As a bonus, consumers like to see that your product identification and your packaging communicate that your business is concerned with the preservation of the environment and the use of natural ingredients. This trend will likely continue even past 2019, meaning that the labels for your business and your packaging decisions should prioritize all things green and clean.

Anti-Counterfeit Packaging

While products from a wide variety of industries are subject to counterfeiting, cosmetics, and personal care brands are forced to deal with the problem of counterfeiting very frequently. In order to protect both your business and your customers, investing in anti-counterfeit packaging and labels for your business may be a necessity. Watermarks, microtext, two-dimensional barcodes, radio frequency identification tags (RFID), and other methods are often used by companies to correctly identify products, prevent inventory loss, and to provide customers with peace of mind. High-end brands often use these techniques, but it may also be appropriate for affordable yet sought-after products. With so many cosmetics sales now happening online, providing customers with information about what to look for (especially if these measures are difficult or expensive to replicate) can cut down on counterfeiting attempts and sales captured by knock-off brands.

Tamper Evident Packaging

Shrink sleeves are a relatively common sight for consumers who regularly browse the beauty and health aisles of their local store, and for good reason. These tamper evident seals instantly communicate to shoppers that these products are safe for use. But as a bonus, shrink sleeves also provide an opportunity to market the product in a unique way and help your brand stand out. It can make choosing the packaging and labels for your business a breeze and will cut down on packaging waste, as well.  Staying on top of packaging and labeling trends is key for any health or beauty brand. Embracing these trends can provide your business with opportunities to appeal to new consumers and reinvigorate existing ones while setting your brand mission apart. To find out more about how our labeling services can support these efforts, please contact us today.