When a label is properly doing its job, most consumers don’t even think about the design. Yet well-made custom commercial labels are one of the most important elements which can make a product sell. When it comes to product branding and product labeling, good design works in all manner of subtle ways to capture the attention of shoppers, even from just a brief glance. By bearing in mind these tips throughout the custom labeling design process, you will maximize your chances of success once your product hits the shelves.

  1. Don’t crowd the label
    It is a reasonable impulse to want to craft as informative a label as possible. A lot of work has gone into your product, and you want to tell the full story. However, adding text without proper discretion can result in confused, overwhelmed shoppers. The consumer should be able to get the essential information as quickly and easily as possible so as to make an informed decision.
  2. Don’t be afraid to experiment
    A label can follow all the rules and still fail to pull people in. This is where creativity and innovation come in: a design must be more than well thought-out — it needs to be bold. Playing with the shape of a label is a perfect example; nothing captures the eye more easily than a design which plays with form. Ideally, this form should reflect the product itself. For example, one might design the label for a woodsy cologne in the shape of a pine tree. With today’s advanced custom labeling techniques, the only limit is your imagination.
  3. If you’re labeling food, know what information the customer wants
    Improvements in nutrition science, combined with the accessibility of information via the internet, means that public knowledge of the components of a healthy lifestyle is increasing over time. As a result, shoppers today are more health-conscious than ever, and demand the details of whatever it is they plan to take home. Of people surveyed on the matter, 46% reported that they use the calorie information on a product’s label “often.” By contrast, only 34% reported using this information “rarely” or “never.” The takeaway here is clear: get the essentials on the label so people know they are making the right choice.

Once you have the perfect label design, get it made with a company you know will deliver. With a variety of innovative custom labeling solutions available, from the application of a precise inline pattern adhesive coating to multi-web lamination, Luminer has the label solutions for every need.