As with other marketing techniques, it is important to target a specific audience through your custom commercial labels. Your labels are competing for attention in a vast marketplace, so they must stand out against your competitors and their labels as well.

Consider utilizing these techniques to get your custom commercial labels to catch the attention of potential consumers.


Be creative

Packaging is everything when it comes to a product. A product can be amazing in its quality, but if the branding and marketing aren’t done effectively it can harm sales.

Food and beverage labels specifically are affected by packaging. A brewing company’s beer, for instance, may not sell if the artistic design on the labels and crates fail to match the style of branding.

Therefore, it’s essential to be creative. Make sure your custom commercial labels are noticeable and eye-catching to potential consumers. Don’t let them blend into other labels on the shelves.

The more unique the packaging, the more marketable the product.


Use messages

Over half (54%) of consumers say they take a product’s label into account and read it the first time they make a purchase.

What you say on your custom commercial labels and on your packaging can make the product seem worthwhile to the consumers, especially if your product is more on the expensive side.

An unexpected joke or wit on your packaging can amuse a potential consumer and make your business appear more likable to your audience. Consumers like businesses that appear human rather than as large, faceless companies, so give your business a voice on your label.


Use different campaigns

It can be embarrassing when businesses try to copy each other’s marketing campaigns, particularly when some campaigns are worse off than others.

Differentiate your campaigns from those in the competition and from your own past ideas.

Consumers like variety and the more unique your images and messages, the more likely your packaging will stand out.


Marketing strategies and techniques vary depending on the product and the branding. However, don’t be afraid to stand out. A product with an individual message, design, or image is more likely to be chosen by a potential consumer than a product that’s like all the others.

If you need help turning your product label design into a reality, contact our professional team at Luminer today.