Label design is a crucial step for any marketing department. It takes an ordinary product to the next level by providing the right information and the right amount of information for the product in question.

Customers don’t want to spend too much time making a decision when buying products. That’s why 65% of grocery store shoppers claim to spend less than a minute on their smartphones to research a product before making a decision. You can use labeling to remove the need for their smartphone by making sure the same information they are searching for is on the product itself, and so it takes less time for them to make a decision.

Because of technological advancements in label manufacturing, designers don’t have to limit themselves in space. It is now much easier to use multiple, customer engaging, pages within a limited amount of package space.

Here are some ways to use multi-layer booklet labels to maximize engagement with your product.

1) Tell a Story

Consumers these days are quite peculiar. They don’t buy the product so much as the story it tells. Multifold booklet extended content labels provide the perfect window into the inner life of a company. Tell a relatable story about your product, and people will buy.

2) Include a QR Code

If you have too much to say, write a short summary, and on the adjacent page print a QR code that directs to a link on your website with all of the information you wanted to include.

3) Know Your Customer

Research what information people search for when deciding between products. When you know what people are looking for, you can leverage that information on the labeling.

4) Use Call To Action Language

When trying to sell a product, your multi-layer booklet labels must include some sort of phrase or sentence that tells them to buy.

5) Keep Aesthetics In Mind

Don’t sacrifice aesthetics for more information. Instead, find the balance between looks and content.


When making labeling decisions for your company’s product, it helps to view custom booklet labels as a means of conveying a message about the product and an insight into your company. Whichever way you employ this strategy, it is a surefire way to hook in new customers. If you are interested in this, or another type of custom label, contact us to learn more.