Think about the last time you bought anything in the store. Did it have custom labels on it or at least a description with an adhesive coating? No matter if it was a pair of jeans, a prescription bottle, or a box of macaroni and cheese, there most likely was a label on it that explained a bit more about the product.

It is safe to say that a label is a crucial element of any product. Without it, there would be a lot of confusion surrounding its uses, expiration date, warnings, and even taste! Labels are incredibly versatile and depending on the shape, size, and material of the product the brand could choose to use adhesive labels, booklet labels or lamination. But, one of the most functional types of label is the expanded content label.

Here is everything you need to know about these booklet labels.

What exactly are expanded content labels?

Simply put, an expanded content label is a label that looks more like a pamphlet. While it may seem flat on the packaging, it can be peeled open to show a couple different pages of information. Their goal is simply to give the consumer more information and graphics without taking up too much space.

Are there benefits to using this type of label compared to others?

Yes, many! They include:

  • Easy to read and open. Because there is more space available, the print doesn’t have to be impossible to see and read.
  • Able to be resealed without a problem, the label will still stick once it is open.
  • More than double the space for less than a fraction of the cost.
  • Can use on virtually any material, and can withstand both cold and high temperatures.

Are there any specific use for expanded content labels?

No, they can be used for multiple different products. However, these labels are often seen in the pharmaceutical industry, with coupons, and in the legal sector.

As mentioned before, labels are very important for both marketing and selling purposes. In fact, a full 65% of shoppers indicated that they spend less than one minute using their smartphones to research products in grocery stores before buying, so it is a good idea to invest in expanded content labels so you can get them the information they require!

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