You may have the best product in the world, but if it’s hiding behind a bland and boring label, how will consumers ever know? These days, it can be harder than ever for your specific labels to stick out in the sea of all the other products on the shelf.

So how can packaging and labeling companies ensure that their labels will entice their customers?

Here are some basic considerations to ensure you create a food product label that drives demand for your brand.


Consider the container

It goes without saying that your custom food labels need to mesh well with the product’s container. If you design one without thinking of the other, it may be impossible to get your message across.

Measure the container before you get started so you can have a good idea of what to include before the manufacturing and printing process takes place.  Depending on the size and shape of the container, it is important to work with a custom label manufacturer that has the capabilities to place adhesives in any pattern on a label.


Pay attention to your images

Of any part of your label, your customer will be drawn most to your image. With this in mind, it is important that you use high-quality pictures, preferably designed by a professional. The image will be the customer’s first impression of the product, so you will want to make it stand out.


Add Interactivity

One highly effective tactic to making your labels more eye-catching to consumers is incorporating interactivity into your label construction.  For example, adding a recipe inside a foldout or peel-reseal label is a simple way to attract attention to your product.  Our own survey showed that 59% of shoppers are more likely to notice a product with a peel-off label attached to it.

If you have limited real estate, using a multi-page booklet label is a great way to fit your information in a small space – allowing for all the marketing content and graphics you need plus a whole lot more.


Add in buzzwords

You don’t want to make your customer wonder what your product can give them. Understand what your target market is looking for and then speak their language in your product’s messaging.

For example, an FDA Health & Diet Survey showed that 38% of consumers say they look at nutrient content claims, like “low fat” or “cholesterol-free”.  Focusing on adding in those buzzwords when promoting your food product can be a powerful tool to help convert browsers into buyers.


Prominently display the logo

Your product or company logo is a fundamental element of building brand awareness. It is absolutely crucial that you develop a unique, clean and memorable logo that really pops, so carefully consider every shape, color and font. As a rule of thumb, it is best to put the logo near the top or center so customers will easily see it whether the product is in their hand or on the shelf.

When creating the best custom labels for your food product, it is important to follow these guidelines so your customers will be drawn to your product over that of your competitors. Remember, your label can say a lot about your product, so give it the attention it deserves!