With the holidays right around the corner, it’s no wonder that many companies are preparing to release seasonal versions of their products. Approximately 85% of shoppers say their purchasing decisions are informed by reading product packages while shopping — so it makes perfect sense that appealing to consumers’ festive moods would pay off.

But when it comes to designing your labels and packaging for holiday-themed products, it’s not always easy to know what will be most effective. While you should ensure you have truly unique labels and packaging ideas, it never hurts to gather some inspiration from some other successful campaigns. To that end, here are just a few examples of wildly popular holiday concepts to inspire your packaging and label design this season.


The popular soda brand has dominated the holiday campaign game for years with its recognizable polar bears and Santa Claus appearances. But Coke has also released special edition Christmas ornament-shaped bottles and “Share a Coke” packages decorated to look like holiday parcels. Coca-Cola manages to evoke traditional holiday cheer while still remaining relevant, making them an obvious choice for seasonal branding inspiration. You won’t want to copy their exact ideas when designing your labels and packaging, of course, but it’s important to remember that there’s a reason why these campaigns are so successful.


We tend to use tissues a bit more during the winter (which is one reason why those Puffs commercials are so memorable). But Kleenex has made the most of the holiday season with its custom labels and packaging concepts. Their winter collections are typically more eye-catching than regular tissue boxes. In fact, the company even won a “Product of the Year” award for the holiday-themed tissue boxes they released back in 2011. Kleenex never disappoints with their seasonal themes; past releases have included boxes shaped like small houses with peaked roofs. In so doing, Kleenex has created a practical item with a visually appealing (and long-lasting) package — meaning that their product is often a consumer’s first choice when shopping.


You can’t have a conversation about seasonal packaging without mentioning Starbucks. The coffee chain’s ubiquitous red holiday cups make a splash year after year (and have not been without their share of controversy). Customers make sure to return to get their fix of pumpkin spice or peppermint mocha, which means the brand has really mastered the art of seasonal offerings. Their holiday merchandise and take-home products further solidify Starbucks’ commitment to seasonal packaging and labeling, as well. When you look at these products, it’s clear that the brand isn’t merely slapping a red bow or a sprig of holly on top of the normal design; they’ve made these seasonal products truly special, which entices customers to buy due to their perceived scarcity and visual appeal.

Although your business may not operate in the same niche as these big brands, you can use their campaigns as inspiration when designing your labels and packaging for the holiday season. Of course, it helps to obtain expert guidance from labeling companies to ensure your designs are unique, functional, and compliant. To get started on designing labels for your products, please contact us today.