Brands go to great lengths to ensure their products are noticed on store shelves. Innovative packaging, attractive logos, and stellar photography can go a long way in convincing customers to make a purchase. But consider the fact that 54% of consumers read a product’s label the first time they buy a given item. It’s clear, then, that you might need to do more with your label design to sweeten the deal.

That’s where coupon labels come in. When you use these kinds of labels for your business, you’re providing even more value to the customer and can potentially stand out amongst the competition. While there are several different types of coupon labels to choose from, we’ll be discussing one particular kind — Instant Redeemable Coupons — in today’s post.

What Are Instant Redeemable Coupons?

Also known as IRCs, these coupons often appear as peel back labels that require no extra space on your product. They offer instantaneous ways for consumers to save during their current shopping trip, meaning they don’t have to remember to bring a promotional coupon back to the store for a future purpose. Instead, they can use that coupon right then and there to save on specific items you want to highlight. Because of their appealing (pun intended!) design, consumers will easily be able to reveal the coupon and use it in the checkout line that same day.

What Are the Benefits of Using These Unique Labels?

When you use these types of labels for your business, you’ll be able to move merchandise more quickly. Rather than forcing customers to wait to use the coupon on another purchase down the line, they can take advantage of those savings and stock up right away. That means you can effectively use these custom labels to increase customer interest in brand new products, overstocked products, or soon-to-be discontinued products. Even a relatively small amount of savings can be enough to convince customers to try out your product. And if you deliver on quality, they’ll likely continue using the product they know, rather than the one offered by the competition.

Essentially, you’ll be able to encourage bigger purchases or even impulse purchases due to a relatively minor discount that can be enacted immediately. That sense of urgency can be quite powerful. Plus, you’ll have a chance to solidify your brand reputation and will stand out for all the right reasons. A brand that’s willing to provide discounts to customers upfront is often seen as generous, honest, and compassionate. You’ll have the opportunity to position yourself as a leader in your industry and as a company consumers trust.

How to Use IRCs on Your Products

Traditionally, customers had to go hunting for coupons. They’d scour the Sunday paper for potential savings, painstakingly cutting out those little squares of paper to bring in to the store. While some people still go this route, consumers increasingly want a more convenient way to save. Some will look for deals online or through phone apps, while others expect to find ways to save while they’re actually in the store. IRCs attach directly to certain products, which can grab the attention of any customer passing by. Best of all, there’s no clipping required. These labels easily peel off and can be used as soon as the customer is ready to check out. When you use these labels for your business, you don’t have to find a way to integrate them into your existing packaging and labeling design; they can instead be used as a stand-out supplement and can be simply be lifted right off to redeem right away.

Whether they’re incorporated as peel back labels, booklet labels, or adhesive labels, IRCs can make a huge difference in how consumers see and interact with your brand. For more information about using these kinds of labels for your business, please contact us today.