According to recent data, Americans are drinking more coffee than ever. In fact, the National Coffee Association found that 64% of Americans drank a cup of coffee each day in 2018. Moreover, nearly 80% of participants said they brewed their cup of joe at home the previous day. That tells you that consumers are probably more impacted by the packaging of a given coffee product on store shelves than they are by a big roaster or restaurant brand.

That means that you’ll need to pay attention to how you design your beverage labels and food labels for coffee products. Whether you’re selling a ready-to-drink product kept in refrigerated sections of grocery stores, bags of beans, or coffee-flavored food items, your packaging and labeling matter a lot. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways you can create a buzz with your food and beverage labels for your coffee products.

FDA Regulations

As you already know, beverage and food labeling are subjected to strict regulations outlined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Since 72% of consumers use nutrient content claims often or sometimes — and the FDA requires you to include this information — it’s important that this data be legible and accurate. Aside from nutritional content, you’ll also need to include the net quantity, the product identity, and the contact information for the manufacturer (or packager/distributor).

This necessary information can actually be beneficial to your packaging and labeling design. As long as you ensure the requirements are followed, you can use your product’s identity and nutritional content to showcase the quality of your product or the nature of its production. Since consumers are concerned with where their products come from, you can appeal to your target demographic by ensuring this information is prominent on your labels for food products or beverages.

Certifications and Consumer Information

Coffee culture continues to grow, which means you don’t have to be in the industry to understand the importance of coffee quality. A huge portion of consumers want some kind of reassurance that the product will taste good and that the company is doing beneficial things for both farmers and the environment.

That’s often where certifications and designations come in. Your coffee could be co-op farmed, Fair Trade, 100% premium quality, sustainably grown, USDA organic, Rainforest Alliance certified, bird friendly and shade grown, single origin, or any number of other designations. Obtaining these certifications will require you to go the extra step, but it will often be well worth the effort. Since consumers specifically look for this information (along with the roast date and roast color), having it right on your food and beverage labels will allow you to stand out.

Branding and Design

Of course, the aforementioned information can provide information to consumers about what they can expect. But your labels for beverages and coffee related food items may need a bit more excitement to compete. Any claims you make must be verifiable, which means you can’t say your coffee is Fair Trade when it isn’t. But the descriptions used for your product or the brand story you tell can be as fanciful or down-to-earth as you want them to be.

Your branding should be consistent across the board, but you’ll also want to make certain that your packaging and labeling choices are appropriate for the vessel you’re using. If you’re selling coffee beans in cans or bags, you’ll want to invest in flexible label printing that will work on uneven surfaces. You’ll also want the materials used in your labeling and packaging to be a good fit for your brand. If your branding is sleek and contemporary, you’ll probably want to use materials that are a little less “granola” and a little more “Park Avenue.” If your customer cares about sustainable packaging, on the other hand, you’ll want to embrace a minimalist and natural feel. By zeroing in on your demographic and working with the right company on your food and beverage labels, you can appeal to those customers even in a crowded marketplace.

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