We’ve all seen labels that read, “Do not use if seal is broken,” yet few consumers understand how these seals are actually made. By using the latest adhesive coating and laminating techniques, drug manufacturers can enhance product safety with tamper-proof packaging and labeling.

There are several different labeling products that can work wonders in both protecting the consumer and offering him or her an interesting explanation of the product.  Here we explain the benefits of investing in different pattern adhesive labels for your product.

Plenty of variety

Pattern adhesive coating can be used to create a specialized label that is customized to look different if the product or packaging is tampered with. While 100% tamper proof packaging sounds like a good goal in theory, such a package would also be impossible for most consumers to open. That’s why tamper evident packaging is so important.

With custom adhesive pattern coating, a tamper evident label can be designed for any product or application. These labels are very versatile and can be used for both the inner and outer parts of the product. Some different applications for these labels include:

  • Medical durable goods
  • Personal care items
  • Over the counter and clinical trial drugs
  • Different types of medical packaging
  • To protect sensitive personal, financial, even governmental documents
  • Automotive appliances

Increases Safety

With our ability to use pattern adhesive coating, we are able to print the adhesive part of the label in nearly any size and shape the project calls for. This can be anything from a large full coverage adhesive label, a small adhesive area within a larger label, a complex adhesive pattern on a custom label — anything the product design requires.

This capability allows us to print a specific message on the label when producing tamper evident labels. For example, this can be a message such as “VOID” or a company name, or incorporating a simplified icon that will be scratched off or ruined if the label has been moved.  Depending on the needs of the specific product, there are a variety of options to choose from.

Clear, easy-to-read instructions

It goes without saying that the content label on medication is incredibly important for the health and safety of the patient, but a report published by the Institute of Medicine shows that labeling and packaging issues are the cause of one-third of all medication errors. Not only this, but incorrect labeling is responsible for 30% of fatalities from medication errors. In order to protect your customers or patients, clear and easy to read adhesive labels are crucial.

Enhances quality

Overall, these small labels can also enhance the quality of the product. Not only can adhesive coating capabilities on tamper evident labels make the overall product design look better, it can help protect the integrity of the product itself. For example, the label will also protect the contents from damage, being stained, contaminated, or broken.

With these important factors in mind, it is clear that our adhesive coating capabilities have made tamper evident labels more effective than ever before. If you are interested in incorporating these additions to your products, do not hesitate to call our labeling professionals today.