Autumn’s arrival may have taken many people by surprise, but business owners have to be aware of seasonal changes long before their consumers. That’s because these shifts often bring with them big sales opportunities and shifts in inventory.

It won’t be too long before the major fall and winter holidays are upon us. If you want to maximize your potential profits, then it’s time to solidify your seasonal packaging and labeling. To stand out on the shelf, you will need to appeal to consumers with the right product branding and labels — especially during the holidays.

Whether your product offers immunity against common wintertime illnesses or whether it would make the perfect addition to the holiday table, you’ve got to command attention with your seasonal product branding and labeling. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind this year.

Tell a Seasonal Story

The most successful brands know how to tell a seasonal story and connect with their audience.

Arguably, one of the most successful seasonal packaging campaigns is that of Starbucks. Customers can’t wait to get their hands on those holiday cups every year. The company clearly knows how to generate excitement through a change of color and the inclusion of a personal narrative.

You can create a special fanfare around your product and label design simply by keeping the winter holidays or the winter season in mind. This can allow consumers to feel a deeper connection to your brand and create urgency to buy a limited-edition product.

Extend an Offer

Around 54% of consumers read a product’s label before they buy a product for the first time. That means there’s a huge opportunity to appeal to first-time shoppers with your product labeling.

In addition, you can appeal to those shoppers who have to stick to a tighter holiday budget. American consumers feel a tremendous amount of financial pressure during the holiday season. While you can try to take advantage of holiday overspending, you may also want to adopt a charitable spirit and give back to thrifty consumers. Often, this goodwill can result in greater sales overall.

If you include a worthwhile promotion — say, a percent-off discount, a buy-one-get-one offer, or a coupon code — with your commercial labels, you can appeal to shoppers who want to save. The incentive of saving a dollar or two can be more than enough to convince a consumer that they should buy your product.

Using festive colors or unique shapes for your coupon labels can really capture their attention. Plus, consumers won’t have to devote time to clipping coupons to find the offers you’ve created. Because these labels will be right on the product in-store, you’ll make it easy for shoppers to buy (and to save).

Highlight Festive Impulses

The use of holiday packaging can increase sales significantly. Even if the product itself does not differ from the one sold throughout the year, a change in packaging can convince consumers to buy it on impulse.

If your product branding really captures the excitement of holiday festivities, you will likely get these shoppers excited as well. That’s why businesses will work with labeling companies to create something new specifically for this season.

Packaging your food items in a special tin with cheery labels can be enough to entice consumers to add it to their shopping cart. It will automatically look more like a gift, which makes us more inclined to purchase (even if we’re keeping it for ourselves!).

You may even manage to create a yearly tradition with your product branding. Your customer loyalty may increase when consumers realize it’s time for your yearly holiday release; whether you offer a collectible gift with purchase or you highlight flavors that can’t be found throughout the rest of the year, making your packaging and labeling part of a present-opening experience can allow for more impulse buys (as well as planned pilgrimages to procure your product).

Take Advantage of New Label Materials

Today, your product’s prime labels can come in a variety of forms and materials. For instance, Luminer uses modern flexographic printing and digital printing techniques to create the perfect label for the product. From simple paper labels to holographic films, you can really make your products stand out at the point of sale. (Click here to see some examples of our prime labels.)

When you’re making the final product branding and labeling decisions for seasonal releases, keep these considerations in mind. Remembering to tell a story, to extend a special offer, and to make the experience noteworthy. These techniques can make all the difference in your sales success during this season.