When it comes to building the perfect label for your product, branding and color is everything. It’s more than just creating a unique label that appeals to your customers — choosing the correct colors ensures consistency across your brand and guarantees that your product works with the appropriate scanners in the store.

Here’s how to select the right colors and branding for your labels to hit the mark.

Choose a great label design

Product branding is essential for your business. As such, you need to choose a unique, easily identifiable design for your product.

This is vital when it comes to brand recognition. This helps distinguish your product among competitors, but it also works on a logistics scale as well. Warehousing and organizing become much easier when businesses display your product in their showroom. This creates a more efficient product that companies will want to work with. On top of that, your custom printed bottle labels will stand out among the rest of the items on the shelves. It’s estimated that 55% of consumers frequently use the label of a product to get an idea of the product’s nutritional value.

Keep it consistent

Spot color printing ensures your company utilizes the same color every time. This creates a cohesive look between products and admonishes any issues in consistency across your brand. Think about Coca-Cola: their red and white logo appears on cans, bottles, toys, and more. But they always utilize the same bright red and cold white to ensure their brand is upheld.

This is essential when you print your custom adhesive labels. Here are some colors that invoke a positive response in shoppers:

  • Green — Green is a calming color that works to promote happiness and relaxation. It’s also associated with nature and environmentally-friendly products.
  • Orange — This color symbolizes vitality and adventure.
  • Blue — This is a happy and creative color that expresses a sense of trust.
  • Black — This is a sophisticated color that promotes stability and class.

Know which colors work for barcode labels

After you pick the best colors for your adhesive label design, you want to ascertain that your barcode will work with scanners. This is a common issue for manufacturers who want their barcode to blend in with the rest of their commercial labels. While you can always rely on a black and white stamp to express the product identification properly, this might not go well with the rest of your product design.

Here are some examples of contrasting color combinations that work for your barcode labels:

  • Black and white
  • Blue and white
  • Green and white
  • Black and red
  • Black and yellow
  • Blue and yellow
  • Green and yellow

Here are some color combinations that you should avoid on your custom printed bottle labels:

  • Red, light brown, or yellow on white
  • Red on green, brown, or blue
  • Black on green, brown, or blue

This is because the colors are either too dark or too light, creating a hard-to-read barcode for the scanner. The list of good examples offer enough reflectivity between the bars for a proper scan.

When you want to create custom printed bottle labels or product labels that make an impression, don’t hesitate to call Luminer today. We offer the best in high quality commercial labels for your business’ needs.