With the winter holidays just around the corner, brands are understandably trying to end the year on a high note. But if you want to appeal to consumers around this time of year, you’ve got to do more than be part of a Black Friday sale. That’s where your festive and unique labels come in.

While 55% of survey respondents often use labels to get an idea of a food’s nutritional content, your choice in commercial labels can say a lot more than a product’s ingredients. If you keep seasonal appeal in mind when designing your labels, you could potentially appeal to a much wider audience, sell more expensive products, and move more merchandise during this notorious shopping season. Let’s delve into the key reasons you should be using seasonal labels for your business.

Seasonal Labels Can Increase Sales

While commercial labels contain valuable or essential information, they can also be used to entice the consumer in a number of ways. During the holiday season, specifically, this type of label design can be key. In fact, Deloitte’s 2019 Holiday Retail Survey predicts that early December will be the busiest shopping period of the season, with 69% of American consumers planning to do their holiday shopping between December 1 and December 15.

In other words, there’s no time to lose if you want to increase your sales during this period. Commercial labels designed with holiday or seasonal themes can make your product that much more appealing — even if nothing about the product itself has changed. These labels can also encourage impulse buys, which can allow you to increase your overall sales without a lot of leg work. Moreover, using seasonal labels in place of your regular commercial labels can actually allow you to move extra inventory. Giving a soon-to-be obsolete product a “new” look (with help from a seasonal label) can improve an item’s overall appeal and help you make room for more stock in your warehouse.

Seasonal Labels Can Differentiate and Up-Sell

In addition to increasing overall sales due to improved visual appeal, prioritizing seasonal labels and packaging can help your products stand out from the competition. Whether you pursue a complete redesign of a package or make your seasonal labeling a bit more versatile, doing so can distinguish your brand from others in your same niche. After all, if a consumer has a choice between an ordinary product and one that’s festive and fun, they’ll often choose the latter — even if it’s a bit more expensive.

Speaking of which, consumers are often willing to pay more for special or premium products if they’re packaged and labeled in new and exciting ways. During other times of the year, higher-priced products might not sell as well as you’d like. If a customer is looking for a better deal, they’d probably prefer to purchase a more basic and budget-friendly option. However, a beautifully packaged and labeled holiday edition of a specific product may give that same customer pause. By giving these premium products a seasonal makeover, you’ll increase your chances of selling these products. That’s assuming, of course, that your commercial labels and packaging choices appear like they’d warrant a higher price tag. If you’re able to get the design just right, consumers will be more inclined to splurge on this specialty item during the holidays.

With this information in mind, it seems obvious that your company may well benefit from seasonal labeling. To get started on making your products irresistible during this time of year, contact us today.