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Luminer Plans for Growth standard

Luminer's Lakewood NJ expansion in progress   To accommodate the continued growth in the expanded content label and specialty pressure sensitive device markets we have started a major expansion project to be completed by January 2018!  We are adding approximately 20,000 square feet to our existing 30,000 square foot label manufacturing and converting facility at our Lakewood NJ location. This expansion will accommodate a new warehouse facility which will open up the entire 30,000 square foot existing plant for manufacturing only. This will go along with future planned expansion in our current 12,000 square foot label manufacturing facility in Red Lion, Pa. In addition to the new space, we are continuously installing new equipment to better meet the demands of shorter lead times and more ...

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Inve$ting in Plant Expansion and Improvements image

As part of our continuing capital investment efforts to grow our capabilities and improve our capacity we have installed a Mark Andy 2200 flexographic printing press and upgraded quality inspection booth in our Red Lion, PA facility. Mary Andy 2200 Press   The new press offers several features that adds capabilities and capacity that had been previously fulfilled by our NJ plant. This allows us to offer more complex product constructions in the region and added total capacity. Upgraded color inspection station Our improved inspection station now incorporates an X-rite spectrodensitometer. This tool allows us to check color characteristics during press runs to make sure the final product meets pre-established targets. This helps minimize color variations within a production run and between ...

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ISO Certified in New Jersey and Pennsylvania image

Our NJ production staff would like to share with you the news that our NJ plant has re-certified to the more modern ISO 9001:2008!   To cap that off, our Red Lion, PA plant followed suit and earned its first ISO 9001:2008 certification! Achieving this certification for both of our plants confirms the effectiveness of our quality management systems. These systems have enabled us to provide products and accountability that comply to recognized ...

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The Luminer Foundation works with A Brush With Kindness image

Your support has enabled The Luminer Foundation to work with Habitat for Humanity's A Brush With Kindness program to bring accessibility to a disabled community member! Can you imagine what it would be like to be unable to get out of your own home? Can you imagine all of a sudden what it would be like to be totally reliant on the kindness of others just to get your mail? That is the story of our most recent A Brush With Kindness recipient. This is the story of Steven, a man who, due to illness had one leg removed a few years ago. Then, this past fall his other leg was removed. Having no ramps and no money to have one built, ...

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Pressure Sensitive Label Manufacturer invests in Logistics image

Integrated Shipping Technology = Efficiency Mike, our Shipping Manager uses a scanner to verify the information for a new pallet of raw material. Our Shipping Manager is using a scanner to verify the information for a new pallet of raw material. This information includes the material type and how much is available. Once a barcode tag is scanned, the data is relayed to our inventory system via Wi-Fi in real time. Our real time inventory benefits our customers by allowing us to provide more accurate and faster turnaround times. All of our materials are clearly marked and organized by type and quantity. Our barcoding allows us to track the materials from delivery straight through to the final product. We've been able ...

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Pressure Sensitive Label Manufacturer invests in quality image

High Quality Plates = Improved Product Impact Christina, our Pre-Press Specialist, removes a new laser etched plate from our FlexoLaser digital plate imager. Our FlexoLaser digital plate imager allows us to produce labels with improved clarity and consistent quality. Since this imager uses laser technology, it eliminates the need for harsh chemicals that are traditionally used to make printing plates. Our Art Director Heather is utilizing our new DeskPack module from EskoArtwork. Above: This software package integrates with our Adobe design suite and provides us with even more powerful tools for developing packaging solutions. The upgrade improved our pre-press versatility and has boosted productivity by reducing errors with proofing and plate making. This investment in our printing technology is just another example ...

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New Pressing Technology image

Our new press is here! We've been getting to know one another and it's been a fantastic beginning to what will become a long and rewarding relationship. Isn't it pretty? :) By Luminer continuing to invest in new servo-driven tech, we have decreased the average age of our presses. Some of this press's capabilities: Multi-web means it can combine multiple materials in one press run Up to 3 folds in-line means we can make more copy-space effective products High line speeds means your job will get done lightening fast! Drawer-technology reduces job turn-over means job changes occur more quickly Tighter registration tolerances means improved graphics clarify and consistency It's ready for your project! If you'd like to learn more about what this press can ...

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