We have the ability to combine up to four webs of different or like materials in one pass, all in register with print, die-cutting, full gum and/or pattern adhesive and release coatings. Multi-web capability is essential in order to produce complicated expanded content label constructions and cosmetic and medical device components.

Our presses are equipped with the most advanced tension control and re-register systems available ensuring tight tolerances and accuracy to meet the most demanding requirements. Our experience includes working with a wide range of materials including paper, board, films, foils, foam and non-wovens. Capabilities include digital and flexo printing as well as encapsulating fragrances and other chemistries into label constructions.

Sample Uses

  • Fragrance samplers
  • Neck restraints for EMT use
  • Horse Hair DNA form for horse racing organization
  • 2-Ply Peel Reseal Labels

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