Clinical Trial
Labeling Solutions

At Luminer, our extensive experience and our technological capabilities enable us to provide a variety of clinical trial labeling options to meet essential criteria for maximum effectiveness and compliance for clinical trials and investigational studies. 

Whether you’re seeking booklet labels and foldout labels to provide additional information or you need wrap labels as part of your clinical packaging and labeling checklist, we can provide the quality, consistency, and compliance required to support your important work in the pharmaceutical & healthcare sectors.

Uses & Applications

Clinical Trial Labeling For Investigational Studies

The important role of clinical trials has never been clearer than during the ongoing pandemic. But we also know that vaccine development for COVID-19 is just one way that clinical trials are used on a daily basis to protect and improve public health.

In order for investigational studies and clinical trials to move forward, specific labeling requirements must be followed. We understand just how critical maintaining accuracy is for your clinical labeling and how the demands of the pharmaceutical industry impact clinical trial labeling requirements.

Prime/Booklet Combination Label
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Clinical Trial Labeling Compliance

We know how vital it is that all clinical trial labeling requirements are followed to ensure accuracy and safety. All of the processes we use to create our clinical labeling products incorporate pharmaceutical Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) every step of the way, from order placement and production to shipping and distribution. 

Our operational practices and SOPs align with both FDA cGMP and ISO guidelines, providing you with the peace of mind you need. In the end, this means that your clinical trial labeling and packaging will follow all relevant production standards and will be free of errors that might otherwise be overlooked.

cGMP and ISO Standards

Our operational practices align with both FDA cGMP and ISO guidelines, providing you with the peace of mind you need.

Traceability and Documentation

We prioritize traceability and documentation throughout the entire label production process, making it easy to conduct audits as needed.

Annual Internal Audits

We conduct annual internal audits to ensure our Quality Management System adheres to ISO and other industry standards.

Thorough Inspection Systems

From spectrophotometers to machine vision and OCR/OCV readers, we ensure accuracy throughout the process.

Customized Clinical Trial Labeling Options

The realm of pharmaceutical labeling covers a wide range of needs. For clinical trials, a variety of labeling products may be used to provide both compliance and usability in mass quantities.

Whether you want to keep your clinical labeling as simple as possible or you require something a bit more robust, we can provide the flexibility, quality, and compliance you’re looking for.

We offer expanded content labels, booklet labels, foldout labels, wrap labels, and more that will meet both your clinical trial labeling requirements and your budgetary concerns. For more specialized functionality, we even offer customized labeling options.

With our variety of customizable products, use of cutting-edge technology, and experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, Luminer is uniquely positioned to provide you with the clinical labeling products to fit your study or trial.

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