Booklet Labels

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A booklet label is a type of pressure sensitive label that has a small book or folded leaflet incorporated into its construction.

This multi layer label can be automatically applied via standard existing labeling equipment. The booklet can be printed in multiple colors and the base label can also be printed, thereby maximizing the amount of space for your content.

Additional functional features can be added such as a split base label that allows the reseal to wrap around a 90* corner, a peel-off label for track and trace, and specialized constructions that allow these multi-page labels to be wrapped around bottles, vials, syringes and cartons without lifting or wrinkling.

Booklet Label Types


Multi-Page Booklet Label for Flat Surfaces
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Flat Surface Booklet Label Auto Application with Side Off First Direction
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Curved Surface Booklet Label

Multi-Page Booklet Label for Bottles and Curved Surfaces
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Foldout Booklet Label

Foldout Label for Flat Surfaces
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Application of a booklet foldout label with side off direction
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Uses & Applications

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