Pattern Adhesive Labels

The label solution for difficult surfaces

Our ability to in-line pattern adhesive coat allows us to not only customize adhesives, but also place adhesives in any type of pattern on a label.

Hard to label surfaces require a heavy adhesive coat weight, allowing the adhesive to “fill the voids” on a irregular, textured or low energy surface.

Commercially available label stocks with heavy coat weight aggressive adhesives have limitations for the converter as well as end user:

  • They are difficult to diecut and remove waste
  • Edge ooze problems create headaches such as blocking in the roll and rolls sticking together
  • The end user is limited to hand application as it is impossible to feed through applicating equipment or thermal printers.

Pattern coated dry edge labels eliminate these issues.

Paper or film face stocks are pattern coated with a heavy coat weight of aggressive high tack rubber based adhesive, leaving a dry edge around the perimeter of the label. This dry edge eliminates any adhesive “ooze” issues, allowing the labels to be handled and processed through printers and label applicators trouble free.

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