Peel and Reseal Labels

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Peel & Reseal labels allow you to open, read, and then reseal the label multiple times. Our peel-reseal constructions will allow all of this content to remain with the package.

This type of label product allows for 3 or 5 panels of information to be contained within the confines of a regular prime label size. Each of the panels can be printed in full color.

This is a great product for managing your GHS or regulatory compliance requirements on pharmaceutical or chemical product applications.

Peel-reseal labels have several advantages:

  1. They are more economical to produce than booklet labels, while still giving you up to 5 panels of copy space.
  2. They are also highly conformable to sharp radiuses and can be manufactured for both auto and manual application.

Peel & Reseal Label Types

2-Ply Peel & Reseal Label

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3-Ply Peel & Reseal Label

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Uses & Applications

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