Prime/Booklet Combo Labels

As part of our Multi-page Booklet family of expanded content labels, there are cases where our clients need to put a prime label along with a booklet label onto a round surface. 

This package requirement may be for a container as small as a pill bottle, or as large as a 1 or 2 gallon round jug. The problem is magnified when the packaging line is only equipped with a single auto labeler. 

To solve these concerns, Luminer has developed its Prime/Booklet Combination Label product. 

With our Prime/Booklet Combo Label, we can take a very high quality prime label, printed up to 10 colors, and attach to it a booklet label up to 60 pages. The prime or single ply area of the label can be up to 75% of the total label coverage, or the prime area and booklet area can split the total area coverage. 

This label is designed much like our round surface expanded content labels so that when auto applying, the label wraps easily on the curved surface of the bottle without any of the pages bunching up. The product would include a “peel here” area so the booklet portion of the label can be easily opened and then resealed. This production capability also allows us to make the prime label portion of the label out of a variety of substrates such as gloss paper, clear or white film, or even foils. 

Best of all, with our Prime/Booklet Combo Label there is no need to modify your existing label equipment as this product will run on most standard auto labelers.

With Luminer’s Prime/Booklet Combo Label, there is no longer a reason to give up the high quality graphics you desire for your main focal point of your product to your customer — your prime label. But at the same time, you can still meet all the information requirements your product may require. 

Prime/Booklet Combo Label

Prime/Booklet Combination Label
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