Tamper Evident Labels

Custom Security and Tamper Evident Products by Luminer

Luminer has a number of products for both inner and outer package security labeling or box closures. These tamper evident seals, tapes and strips can both identify your product with high quality graphics, while also showing if the product has been opened or tampered with.

Our pattern adhesive coating capabilities enable us to create customized messages on the reveal portion of your tamper evident product. We can also incorporate various functional characteristics that can add to the security of your product.

Uses & Applications

  • OTC and Clinical Trials Drug packaging
  • Medical documentation and packaging
  • Medical Durable Goods
  • Privacy sensitive documents and packaging
  • Government agency document and packaging
  • Generic product closures
  • Poly bag closures such as money bags
  • Personal care
  • Consumer Packages Goods
  • Automotive

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