Your support has enabled The Luminer Foundation to work with Habitat for Humanity’s A Brush With Kindness program to bring accessibility to a disabled community member!

Can you imagine what it would be like to be unable to get out of your own home? Can you imagine all of a sudden what it would be like to be totally reliant on the kindness of others just to get your mail? That is the story of our most recent A Brush With Kindness recipient.

This is the story of Steven, a man who, due to illness had one leg removed a few years ago. Then, this past fall his other leg was removed. Having no ramps and no money to have one built, he literally had become “a prisoner in his own home”.

Fortunately, he was told about the A Brush with Kindness program and applied. The organization sprung into action and secured the necessary permits and gathered a crew of volunteers from the Lakehurst Naval Base, Jackson Memorial High School ROTC along with the dedicated “regulars” volunteer group. Due to the massive amount of hard work by the volunteers and sponsors, Stephen had a ramp to independence within a week!

Luminer Foundation works with A Brush with Kindness

Luminer Foundation works with A Brush with Kindness


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