Pressure sensitive label converter continues to add 100% inspection equipment to its converting processes.

Staff inspection

Luminer employee Alfredo operates our Moll sheet folder/gluer with one of our assistants.

We recently augmented our Moll sheet folder with a Keyence 100% vision system. These electronic eyeballs ensure that this particular product’s holes are cut properly and that there are no print defects or blemishes.  Above, Alfredo calibrates the vision system depending on the product and even though it does an excellent job, he continues to perform organic inspections.

Staff table inspection

Luminer employee Feliciana monitors our pharmaceutical 100% vision inspection table with another one of our assistants.

The inspection table above verifies the printed barcode on each label matches the corresponding product part number. This ensures that every label matches the correct job order. This table also allows Feliciana above and her team to 100% visually check for any physical deformities or blemishes. This is a necessity to maintain pharmaceutical protocols.

These systems are yet another step in Luminer’s quality manangement system to aid in maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.