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How Newer Pharmaceutical Labeling Rules Protect Pregnant and Nursing Women image

Pregnant woman holding pill bottle looking at pharmaceutical label

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors are under an obligation to ensure the public is protected and well-informed. But considering that an estimated 7,000 Americans die each year due to inappropriately dispensed drugs, it's clear that some makers are falling short. And for some of the nation's most vulnerable consumers, the importance of public safety becomes even more apparent.

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Vegan and Cruelty Free Cosmetics: Understanding Labeling Clarifications image

labeling co,mpanies

When working with labeling companies, you'll want to include any certifications your company has obtained for vegan or cruelty free products. Official certifications like the PETA bunny, the Leaping Bunny, the Choose Cruelty Free "Not Tested on Animals" bunny, the Certified Vegan button (verified by Vegan Action), and the Vegan Society designation are the main signs that manufacturers and labeling companies can use to illustrate their dedication to more responsible products.

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