Cosmetic & Beauty
Industry Solutions

While we’re quite adept at printing ink, our unique capabilities and equipment allows us to create unique products that can well surpass the functionality of a basic label.

No matter if you’re looking for bright metallic, flashy appeal, or a rustic wood veneer aesthetic we have access to a vast array of specialty and premium materials that can set your products apart. Combine brand-aligned appearance with thoughtful functionality and give your customers something to rave about!

Use Cases

  • Cosmetic sampler: We are able to produce cosmetic samples by applying the cosmetic in slurry form to various substrates.
  • Scent sampler: We can apply off-the-shelf or custom scents to various substrates.
  • Container labeling including jars, bottles, tubes and caps.  We offer various forms of labels that are well adapted for use on stylish beauty and cosmetics containers. We frequently work with our customers on designs that will conform to uneven or squeezable surfaces.
  • Promotional labeling:  Whether it is one time sales, rebates, instant coupons we have label constructions that are easily applied by store personnel and be made removable for the consumer.
  • Tamper evidence: Protect your brand! We offer various tamper evident labels and customized tapes.
  • POS and Display labeling

Sample Products

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